Deployed on current version:
Double booking In store and same time slot

For deployment this weekend:
When you put a note in after making a reservation it disappears


Members should only be able to book 2 hours free. If they want four hours, their first 2 hours will be free, 2 hours paid. The system should recognize that they have already availed of their free 2 hours


Web Admin
1. All purchases done by the customer should be displayed
2. The user should have a tag if it’s a member or non-member


1. Member should be able to type MM / DD / YYYY during registration
2. Confirmation is done via clicking the link from an email or SMS code


Web admin:
1. Calendar view: ability to display by month at a time, or full week
2. We want to be able to add credits to members’ accounts without going through Stripe.
3. Parties:
Capability to add “add ons” while booking a party and also be able to schedule/reschedule it in one spot. Drag and drop was recommended so you can move “packages” from one date to another.
4. Customer profile should display more customer information such as:
- number of visit
- card they have on file (hidden with 4 digits showing)
- stats if they have used their membership privileges

Members should be able to scan or show QR code using the app to prove they are a member so staff can physically confirm the members

2. We will install a push notification so that users will be informed when a new version is out and how they MUST update their current app. Otherwise, they won’t get the fixes and new features. In order to this, we need to send out a newsletter, fb campaign to let everyone know to download / upgrade their app so that they will get this push notification.